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Ask a Recruiter: Increasing your chances of landing your ideal job

When looking for a job, it is often difficult to find one that fits your ideal description. What should you do to increase your chances of securing your dream job? Recruiters are a great resource for jobseekers with a plethora of experience matching candidates to their perfect role. We asked Columbia recruiter, Alex Mucci, for her best tips on having a successful job search.

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How do you suggest searching for a new role?

I would recommend making sure your resume and profile (LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc) are all updated with your current contact information. As recruiters, we often have out-of-date contact information. Contact a recruiter with Recruiting Solutions so they can assist you with your job search and get your contact information to connect you to potential job opportunities in the area.

What should your resume include?

You want your resume to include your most up-to-date phone number, email, and location. At least (if applicable) the 3 most recent jobs that you worked with the title you held, dates worked (month and year), and a brief description of the position. This information helps a recruiter determine if we a role that is right fit for you.

When you are looking for a potential candidate for a role, what is one quality that stands out to you?

The first thing I look at right away on a resume is job stability. A candidate that has stayed at the company for an extended amount of time shows they were a reliable employee.

How long should till I hear back from a recruiter?

Once you have submitted your resume, please allow a recruiter 1-2 days after applying to reach out. If you don’t get a call or email, double-check your resume first to make sure your information is all up-to-date as far as your phone number and email. Then call our offices. We may have tried contacting you and just were not able to reach you.

How can Recruiting Solutions help someone find their ideal role?

If you are looking for long-term employment and a strong relationship with a company, Recruiting Solutions is your best choice. We truly focus on finding the right people for our companies, and the right company for our people.

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