Refer a Friend

Receive $100 for each referral.

Help us hire more people like you!

The current referral bonus is $100 for each referred employee. Want to make $1,000? There is NO limit to the amount of people you can refer!Refer a Friend.

How does it work? Refer an employee by filling out the form below or by sharing their information with your recruiter. Your referral can also apply on the Recruiting Solutions website and list your name in the application. The referred employee must first complete 30 calendar days on assignment and have worked a minimum of 160 hours on assignment.

Friends can apply here: Job Board

When do you receive your reward? Contact your recruiter once your friend has completed their hours. You can earn this bonus while active on assignment with Recruiting Solutions.

We look forward to connecting with your referrals!

Refer a Friend

Receive $100 for each referral!