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10 Best Questions to ask an Employer in an Interview

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10 Best Questions to ask an Employer in an Interview

Interview questions

At the end of an interview, the hiring manager will ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” It is necessary to have questions prepared for the interviewer to show your interest in the role. The questions below can be customized to your interview.

What are some of the company’s 5-year goals?

When interviewing with a company, it is helpful to know their goals and objectives to gauge their growth plan. This can also give insight into future projects, acquisitions and possible career growth opportunity. By asking this, it also shows that you are forward thing and see yourself with the company for the long-haul.

What is the management style of the person I will be reporting to?

Getting along with your manager is critical to the success of your role. Is the manager hands-on or hands-off? When reporting to an interview, it is important to know if you need a hand-on or laissez-faire management style and which you respond better to. Individuals whose managers match their motivational and performance styles statistically have better performing teams.

What is the biggest challenge of this job?

When applying for a role, it is key to know the full scope of the job. This includes knowing details about the challenges that come along with this. Interest in this shows that you are not deterred by a challenge and are ready to take on this role.

What is the first project you would have me work on?

              When starting any job, you will want to know what to expect and the top priority for this position. The answer to this question can indicate what your priorities starting on the first day will be. When starting on the first day, you want to be prepared for your first project’s goals.

How do you define success in this role?

Success is key to keeping a job. As an employee, you will want to know the employer’s expectations of you. It is imperative to have benchmarks created by the manager to know if you are meeting the expectations that the company has for your intended role.

What does the career path for growth and advancement look like in this role?

               When preparing for a job opportunity, you will want to know if there will be a future for you at this company. It is meaningful to ask these questions to understand what the next step are for your career advancement within the company.

In what ways have you grown while being with this company?

              The answer to this question will indicate other skills and career development opportunities that company provides (leadership training, project management, etc.) This also provides insights on skills and abilities learned while participating on the job.

If I am extended a job offer, how soon would you like me to start?

While applying for jobs it is relevant to know the timeline. This will allow you to put in your notice at your other job or allow you to plan for potential relocation if necessary.

When can I expect to hear from you?

              Again, this provides a timeline of when you should expect to hear from the hiring manager. This question allows you to follow up after the interview process has been completed if you do not hear from them within that determined timeline.

What is the overall culture like?

The overall culture is significant to see how you will fit in at the company. A key thing to look for in your job search is to look for a positive culture to enter. Do they allow workplace flexibility? Are people happy with the management and leadership team? Does the company offer opportunities for team bonding? Another way to find out how the culture really is. Ask if you can connect with an employee on the team, you would be working for. Ask them for candid feedback about the environment as some manager may be unaware of certain cultural issues.

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