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Recruiting Solutions wants to help you succeed in your job search.  

You will be representing us on the job, and our team of staffing professionals are here to help!  In your first screening call with us, our recruiters will carefully review your resume with you over the phone to ensure that we understand your skills, work experience, and career goals.

Below you will find some helpful information about how to prepare for an interview.  Before you interview with one of our client companies, our recruiters may also provide additional tips on how to best to present yourself to a prospective employer.

Our blog, RS Works, also includes helpful posts on a variety of job search questions, including what to wear to an interview, why many people choose to work with a professional staffing company, and more!

Resume Resource Center

Your resume is a key tool on your job search.  This document summarizes your professional skills, experience, and education.  Hiring managers review countless resumes when they are considering candidates, and they want to see your work history and skills at a glance.  For that reason, it’s important to keep your resume updated, accurate, and easy to read.  Think of it as your first chance to make a good impression with a potential employer.

If you don’t have a resume, we can help you change that!  Recruiting Solutions has created a downloadable resume template that is an easy starting point for making your own resume. You can customize and save this template with your personal information.  Save a digital copy of your resume on a flash drive, computer, or in your email so that you can access and update it as needed.

Click the link below to download our resume template:

Recruiting Solutions Resume Template

Already have a resume, but looking to brush it up?  Check out our list of resume tips on our blog.

How to Prepare for An Interview

How to Describe Yourself in an Interview

What to Bring to An Interview