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3 Steps to Tailor Your Resume to the Job

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3 Steps to Tailor Your Resume to the Job

If you have read any resume advice online it’s likely that you have seen a section on how essential it is to tailor your resume to fit the job you’re applying for. This may seem like a small change, but it can be the difference in landing the job you want.

When you first create your resume without a specific job in mind, you will probably focus on highlighting your accomplishments and skills to make you look as impressive as possible. While this does make sense at first, recruiters are looking for specific things that pop off the page.


Do Your Research

This is the first step to this process, and while it may seem like a no brainer you’d be surprised how many people don’t spend enough time doing their research. It is important that you know exactly all that the company does, and what they are looking for. They are going to compare your resume to others and decide on the best fit, so it is incredibly important your skills and experience are aligned with what they are looking for. Include active verbs and relevant keywords that will jump off the page.

Here is a great website for inspiration for relevant keywords:

Match the Job Description

After you have done your research, you should have a pretty good idea at what the recruiter is looking for. It is important to highlight skills and past experience that are directly mentioned and referenced by the employer. If you have worked multiple jobs prior, highlight the one that you feel prepared you most for this one. You are making their job easier by providing exactly what they are looking for.

Make Your Resume Skimmable

Recruiters do not always have time to read an entire resume. Often, they will skim the resume to see if anything jumps out at them. It is imperative that your resume is short and includes only the information this specific employer needs to see. You most likely will have to cut down and reformat your resume from its original final product. There may be information you once deemed essential that no longer fits. This makes you stand out and can be the reason you get to the next step in the hiring process.

By tailoring your resume to the job you are applying for, it will be no time before applications turn into interviews and interviews turn into jobs!

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