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4 Ways to Identify Quality Talent in a Low Unemployment Market

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Are you struggling to identify the perfect candidate for your open position or soon-to-open position? You are not alone. With the United States having record low unemployment rates, there is a very slim market of candidates. Even though the pool of candidates is slim, quality is something you do not want to sacrifice when trying to invest in your greatest asset – your employees. Here are a few ways to identify quality talent given the low unemployment rate.

  1. Tap into your employment pool. Identify employees that are quick-learners and hard workers. Do any of their skills transfer to the position you are trying to fill? Can they be trained to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for the job? Once you have determined the employee, you can develop a transition plan for the chosen employee.
  2. Keep constant contact with quality candidates. Stay top-of-mind with former candidates who qualified for your positions. You never know when or if that individual will decide to change jobs or decide they are ready for a new career path.
  3. Hire a temporary employee. By hiring a temporary employee, this gives you time to evaluate the employee and see if they are a good fit for your organization without being fully invested. If the employee is a good match and provides you the quality you are looking for, then you can proceed to make them full time.
  4. Identify a reputable staffing agency. Find a good staffing agency that not only understands the job but your company’s culture, standards and expectations of your business and existing workforce. Staffing and employment agencies that offer a thorough screening process can help you identify the quality candidates that you are looking for.

Finding the right employee takes time, but they are out there. If you are trying to identify your next all-star employee, click here and let us help you determine who will be your next best fit! Not only do we have access to an abundance of high-quality candidates, but we have a well-organized team that will find you quality talent in a timely manner.

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