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5 Ways to Update Your LinkedIn to Help You Land Your Next Job

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Looking for a new job? LinkedIn is a necessity when trying to get a new job. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, sign up today! While social media can frequently get a bad reputation when it comes to advancing your career it can also help you when used effectively.

Here are five easy steps to update your LinkedIn:

1)      Take a new professional headshot. Since this is the first thing someone will see, make sure your headshot looks professional. Wear appropriate business attire. Use a solid background. You can take this on a smart phone or with a camera with at least 12 megapixels. Make sure your profile picture reflects the current version and best version of yourself.

2)      Update your summary and your title. This is your chance to highlight and summarize your profile. What are you looking for in a new career? Your summary can highlight the fact that you are looking for a new job or simply articulate the things that make you stand out. Use adjectives to describe yourself such as “Motivated Financial Analyst” or “Experienced Marketing Professional” to help sell yourself.

3)      Turn on the button that says “Let Recruiters Know You are Interested.” When recruiters are looking for a candidate with your qualifications, you will show up in their searches.

4)      Add the right verbiage. Make sure you use action words such as managed, executed planned, etc. Additionally, any time you can use numerical values to show how you increased or added value to a company, do so. Whether you increased sales or helped out with a fundraiser – use these numbers to measure your success.

5) Add your volunteer experience or temporary experience. Adding your volunteer work shows that you are involved in the community and that you have experience outside of your assigned job. Additionally, if you’ve had any temporary experience, always list that on your profile as well whether it’s an internship or a temporary job.

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