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6 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Land the In-Person Interview

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You may have the perfect resume and experience for the job, but a phone interview can be the make or break in landing the in-person interview. Often times a company or staffing/temp agency will filter through resumes and then conduct a phone interview to narrow the choice down to the top candidates.

Here are a few tips to make sure you are selected for the in-person interview:

  1. Treat your phone interview like a real interview. Even though you are not face-to-face with your interviewer, this interview is just as important (if not more important) as the in-person interview. Companies and staffing agencies receive hundreds of resumes from online applicants. By conducting phone interviews, it makes it much easier to weed out unfit candidates or candidates who are not interested in the role. Through a phone interview, you can know more about an individual, rather than knowing only what a resume portrays.
  2. Prepare your environment. Make sure you eliminate any and every distraction before your phone interview. Sit at a table, and dress the part. You look the way you feel, so if you are in your pajamas and laying on the couch, you may not conduct your best interview. Here are a couple other tips to help you prepare your interview environment; turn off the TV or any other distraction/noise, put your pets away, go to a room or space that is separate from family members, avoid taking a phone interview while driving.
  3. Be prepared. Just like any other in-person interview, make sure you have reviewed the job description and researched the company that you are applying for. You want to make sure you tailor your answers to relevant job experience indicated on the job description. Research the company’s products, services, and recent news. If you have applied with a staffing or temporary agency, simply review the job description that you applied for or were given by a recruiter.
  4. Listen. While you do need to provide details about your overall experience, make sure you let the recruiter or interviewer guide the conversation. Do not interrupt or speak over them. Let them ask you the questions, and provide a thoughtful response. Take your time, and provide well-thought out answers.
  5. Avoid casual language. Make sure you are well-mannered over the phone, and avoid casual language such as “cool” or “awesome.” Politely answer the phone with your name. Avoid casual language. Make sure you answer the questions will fully thought out answers and in full-sentences. Often times, when people are nervous, they will talk quickly. Make sure you pace yourself and think through your response before answering the question.
  6. Ask questions at the end of the conversation. Now is your opportunity to show that you are interested in the job or company. Make sure you have several questions prepared to ask. Questions indicate that you are interested. You want to make sure you have the best understanding of the job and the company in order to be sure this is the best role for you.

Keep in mind that a phone interview or phone screen should be taken with just as much importance as an in-person interview. This is your time to sell yourself to the human resources department, hiring manager, or staffing agency. Make sure you take the extra steps to be prepared and leave a good impression.

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