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Ask a Recruiter: How to Prepare for an Interview

Interview Advice

Your interview is the final decision-factor that stands between you and the job. We asked a Recruiting Solution’s team member, Mary, for her advice for how to best prepare for the interview:

What’s the number one thing someone should do to prepare for an interview (in-person/virtual/phone/etc.)?

An interview is the chance to give your best impression and really pitch yourself. I think the mandatory prerequisite to a good interview is knowing what you’re looking for. This gives the recruiter or employer parameters to determine whether you’re just as a much a fit for them as they are for you. Secondly, read about the position in advance and research the company. Last but not least, prepare questions to ask about the company and the position.

If the job interview is in-person, what should you bring to an interview?

Several copies of your resume. Even if the company has your resume on file and say they will print it, showing up with your resume is an extra initiative that the interviewer will notice. Another helpful thing to bring is a pen and notebook, or a padfolio, so you can take notes on the position and company.

Can you give an example of a time you were impressed with a candidate in an interview?

I am always impressed in an interview when a candidate is honest enough to let me know their feedback on the job. There are no hard feelings and honesty is incredibly helpful. Other than presenting well and engaging in the interview, this is what impresses me most.

What are some of your pet-peeves during an interview?

I could talk about this all day, but to narrow it down : overall poor presentation. It is easy to tell if someone does not care about the job they are interviewing for when an individual does any of the following:

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Mary Davis

Staffing Specialist

Mary Davis is a staffing specialist for our Greenville team. She joined Recruiting Solutions in February 2021 as a staffing specialist before being promoted to her current role. Prior to Recruiting Solutions, she worked for Duke Foods in Greenville, SC where she did account management and digital marketing for clients such as Hidden Valley and Texas Pete. Mary holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Bob Jones University.

In her spare time you can find her cooking, trying out a new restaurant, hiking with friends or traveling.

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