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Ask a Recruiter: Interview Advice

Interview Advice

Ask a Recruiter: Interview Advice

 When it comes to interviewing, recruiters have a lot of experience in conducting face-to-face interviews. Recruiters interview people all day, every day and see thousands of resumes! We asked our Branch Manager, Mackenzie Dunham, what her advice would be for a candidate who is interviewing for a job they want.

  1. How do you stand out in the interview process? Standing out in the interview process can be challenging in such a competitive market.  My advice would be to focus on simple things that you are in control of.  For example, being punctual, presenting well, and showing your interest in the company or specific position.   You should always arrive 15 minutes early to an interview and should not use your cell phone while waiting.  First impressions are extremely important. Be sure to dress for the job you want and come prepared.  Doing research on the company prior to an interview will always put you at an advantage and shows your dedication to finding a job!  Along with researching the company, be prepared to answer typical interview questions thoroughly, yet concise.  Recruiters meet with multiple candidates each day, and you’d be surprised at how meaningful these simple things can be!


2. What’s your favorite interview question to ask and why? I always love to ask candidates what they enjoyed most about a position, and what their biggest challenge was.  I think this speaks to them both on a professional and personal level, and goes beyond surface-level interview questions.  When working with clients, I always like to speak beyond the candidate’s relevant experience to share another side, and to show our in-depth screening process.


3. Once you’ve interviewed with the hiring manager, how long should you wait before you reach back out? I wouldn’t say there is necessarily a specific timeline; however, sending a follow up thank you email is definitely a way to stand out to a recruiter/hiring manager!  While interviewing, be sure to ask specific questions about next steps, or what the timeline looks like, that way you know when it may be appropriate to reach out.


4. What advice would you give today’s job seeker? My advice would be to stay open minded, and to be as patient as possible.  If a recruiter presents a job opportunity to you, it’s because they feel you are well qualified to work for their client and for that position specifically.  Another piece of advice is to use all resources you have access to.  For example, if you see a job posting on Indeed and there is a specific recruiter’s email address associated, email the recruiter directly to help stand out compared to other applicants.  Take advantage of job fairs, networking events in your area, and any opportunity to meet hiring managers in person.  A positive attitude, professionalism and hard work goes a long way!

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