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Building Company Culture

Building Company Culture

positive company culture

Company culture can determine how employees interact with each other. The company’s mission statement should set the tone for the company culture. This shapes how motivation and productivity are seen in the workplace. A positive work environment will help retain employees and increase your company’s revenue. Look below for tips on how to improve company culture!


  1. Start with the Right Foundation

Determine from the start what morals and culture you want to have. This starts with the top leadership team. How your leadership manages and communicates to your employees can help set the tone for your work environment which will ultimately impact the entire organization.

  1. Hire the Right People for Your Team

The hiring process is a crucial element to figure out how your company’s culture will be defined. When interviewing potential employees, it is important to see if they fit into your company’s values and beliefs. This will ideally build the company culture you envision for your company.

  1. Promote Flexibility 

Flexibility in the workplace is a growing idea. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, work-from-home options have been a growing idea. The flexibility to work from anywhere allows work to be done from anywhere. The office promotes this flexibility for employees for their needs such as an appointment, sick leave, and other events going on in their lives.

  1. Open Communication

Open communication is important in the manager and employee relationship but also between co-workers. Being able to ask a question and provide feedback will improve the dynamic between individuals creating a more positive work environment. Be sure to schedule one-on-one meetings while being able to keep an open-door experience when needed.

  1. Embrace Transparency

Being Transparent with your employees will help build a positive culture. Employees like to know what is going on so that they can make informed decisions and know what to expect. This again falls open the open communication category as you will need this to form open communication.

  1. Cultivate Strong Co-worker Relationships

Team members must have strong relationships with their co-workers as well as their managers. In a team setting, co-workers trust and depend on each other. To foster this, try planning team-building activities outside of work such as happy hours, lunch meetings, and company outings like baseball games.


  1. Recognition and Reward

Employees like to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work. Companies should make sure that there is a system in place to recognize those that are going above and beyond. This can be as simple as Employee of the Month recognition. The rewards can be used when the team or an individual reaches a set goal or objective.


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