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How to Find a Job in South Carolina

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Back on the job hunt?

If you are relatively new to the job hunt or if it has been a while since you have searched for a job, you will quickly realize how different the current South Carolina job market is. Online job boards and job portals are constantly evolving with new technology, applicant tracking systems, various job boards and job search engines, etc.

Often times, job seekers will reach out to a company to ask if they are hiring or to connect with someone personally in regards to a job. Companies will then typically inform the interested job seeker to go to their website to apply, thus leaving you feeling stranded, disconnected, or unsure of what happens next in the application process.

Here are a few simple ways to better pursue your dream opportunity:

Apply with a staffing agency. When you apply with a staffing agency, recruiters will likely share with you an immediate temporary or a temp-to-hire opening. They could also skill-market your resume to their current employer database, pushing your application to the top of the stack! Recruiters can also utilize their industry knowledge and relationship with a company to increase your chances of getting hired!

Apply on job websites and/or mobile apps. A few of our favorite recommendations for applicants (in other words, websites we post our jobs to) include Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn. However, we always encourage candidates to register with us on our company website so that we can have you in our system to be considered for all of our current and future opportunities.

Go to a job fair. It is very beneficial to meet with a recruiter in-person when possible; this way, the recruiter learns more about you, your skillset, and the type of job opportunity you are seeking. South Carolina companies and recruiters can get bombarded with applicants and resumes — an in-person meeting is one way you are sure to stand out!


With locations in Greenville, Columbia and Florence, South Carolina, Recruiting Solutions is the destination employment agency for job seekers. Register with us today to be considered for a light industrial, office professional, or information technology job opportunity!

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