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LinkedIn: Kickstarting your Network

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LinkedIn: Kickstarting your Network

Logging on to Linkedin

Within the past ten years, social media popularity has begun to rise. LinkedIn’s platform allows you, the user, to connect with others around the globe. LinkedIn has become the largest business-oriented networking website targeting the connection of professionals. This networking platform allows you to build relationships with potential and past co-workers. Establishing your profile allows you to build an online resume that can showcase your skills, experience, education, and contact information.


Five Benefits of Using LinkedIn

  1. Expanding your Network

LinkedIn allows you the opportunity to connect with other professionals in your field. A big plus: It is free!  LinkedIn has over 500 million users from all over the globe. You can connect with people from companies you’re interested in, past-coworker, fellow alumni from your college and join groups with the same interests. It might be hard to keep track of all those business cards, but that professional can be easily found from a quick search on LinkedIn.

  1. Job Postings

LinkedIn has approximately 3 million active jobs listening on the website. Employers post jobs on LinkedIn to gather a strong pool of individuals.  In a job posting, it will include the job title, the company, estimated salary, how many people work for the company, what type of company it is, how many connections you have that work at that company, if the job is actively recruiting, and a job description. Job descriptions will have details about the company, what the job is about, and the requirements (education & experience).

  1. Researching Businesses

LinkedIn is a great way to research companies before you apply and when preparing for an interview. Companies include their mission and values on LinkedIn. Often, the company includes their website in their description to allow you to conduct more research. As well, their profile includes updates, news articles, and announcements from the company. Business profiles also include the employees that work there. This allows you to try to make connections and reach out to employees to learn about possible job opportunities at their company.

  1. Announcing your accomplishments

You deserve to brag about yourself! LinkedIn is the new online resume. Did you just complete a certification, new skill, or graduate from college? Let your connections know. Publishing more consistently on LinkedIn allows your content to be seen more. Every time you post on LinkedIn your connections are notified, so that they may engage. When one of your connections likes, comments, or shares on your post it is seen in their network which allows you to broaden your possible connections. Be sure to include pictures and videos as those are more likely to catch your connections’ eye.

  1. Connecting with Recruiters

When in your job search, LinkedIn can be a great tool. After creating a profile, recruiters can see what your interest and skill set is. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates for their available positions as well as to make connections with companies. Recruiters will often contact you through messaging to offer to chat about what possible opportunities you are open to or are thinking about. Do not be afraid to connect with a recruiter even if you are not currently looking for a position!


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