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Debbie Varner

Debbie Varner is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Recruiting Solutions. Debbie’s professional background is in sales and marketing with a strong focus on customer service. These traits have served her well in her current role, as she continues to connect businesses in need with the talent they desire. Debbie is also the recipient…

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Cam Varner

Cam Varner joined the organization in 2012 and has served as its President since 2016. Prior to join Recruiting Solutions, Cam’s background included work in economic development and automotive manufacturing. He received his under-graduate degree from Clemson University and is in the post-graduate program at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cam currently serves on the…

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Trey Smoak

Trey Smoak is the Chief Operating Officer of Recruiting Solutions and Virtual Business Office Associates (Virtual BOA). Trey is responsible for the development of financial and organizational management strategy that contributes to the organization’s strategic goals, mission and objectives. This includes oversight of company operations as it relates to ensuring efficiency, meeting quality standards, exceptional…

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Drew Williams

As President of the Virtual BOA, Drew has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the office. Before the Virtual BOA, Drew served as the Assistant Executive Director and Chief Legal Officer for the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW).  Prior to DEW, Drew was a partner at Turner Padget law firm, serving as…

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Alesia Jerrells, CSP

Alesia Jerrells is the Vice President of Operations at Recruiting Solutions. Since joining Recruiting Solutions in 2012, she has held a variety of different leadership roles within the organization including Director of Operations and Branch Manager. In her tenure with the company, she has supported efforts in different divisions to include government services, office professional recruiting and compliance, information…

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