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Top 8 asked Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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It can be intimidating preparing for your first interview. Recruiting Solutions put together the most commonly asked questions and examples of how to answer them!

  1. Tell me about yourself

This is often the first question asked by a recruiter. It can be intimidating. Come prepared with a one-minute pitch about yourself.  You should include details about your work experience including any experience at temporary, part-time jobs or internships. Close this pitch out on why you think you would be perfect for that role. The Muse recommends this tactic to perfect this question (

You can tweak it to fit your situation or interview process.

  1. What is your greatest strength?

To answer this question: have three possible answers prepared. It is important to look at the job description and have an answer that pairs well with it.

Example of how to answer this: For example, if you are applying for a forklift position. You could elaborate on your commitment to safety or your reliability. This shows you are qualified for the role and are confident that you could succeed at the task at hand.

  1. Give me an example of Teamwork in the workplace

The recruiter or hiring manager is looking for how well you can get along with others. If the job requires collaboration this is a suitable time to highlight your ability to connect with others.

Example: When at work, my assembly line and I had a goal to decrease our production time. We were asked to speed up the process. We got together and thought out a solid plan to make sure everyone had the right technique and position on the line to work efficiently and quickly to get the job done. We ended up cutting 15 seconds off our time.

  1. What do you know about this company/organization?

This involves doing your research.  The more you know about the company increases your chances of getting hired. Make sure you look at the company’s website and learn the history and the mission statement. The mission statement will be key to knowing the company’s goals and expectations. Then you can relate your answers to it so that the company can better understand you and your values.

  1. Do you feel comfortable working from home?

Considering the coronavirus pandemic, work from home jobs have become more prevalent. What the recruiter is asking when posing this question is “will you be able to work efficiently and stay motivated throughout the day when not in the office?” The point is to figure out more about the interviewee’s work ethic and if they can be trusted on their own.

Example: Yes, I feel extremely comfortable working from home. I am motivated and willing to complete a task quickly and efficiently. I do not have a problem reaching out to others when needed via zoom or teams to ask questions.

  1. How would your co-workers describe you?

Company culture is important when recruiters or hiring managers are trying to find a fit for their team. When asking this question, recruiters are looking for you to describe yourself as a person, as a colleague, and as a friend. This can also be a strong indicator of your work ethic in the workplace.

Example: My co-workers describe me as a well-rounded person. I am a great friend to them in the office as I am supportive and caring. They also describe me as a diligent worker and go-getter because I am willing to help where I am needed.

  1. Describe a time you learned from your mistakes.

This tells the recruiter you are willing to learn, everyone makes mistakes. The hiring manager is trying to uncover how you learn from your mistakes. You should describe a time that you knew made a mistake and describe how you went about fixing it.

Example: When I was at work, I accidentally forgot to ring in people’s food to the kitchen. The couple that I was serving sat there for 30 minutes before I realized. I immediately went to my manager and told her about the situation. I then went to the kitchen and explained the situation and the urgency behind it. I learned to check more often on my tables and the kitchen to ensure my food is coming out on time. From now on, when I put in a table’s food, I always make sure it is sent to the kitchen.

  1. Do you have any questions for us?

This is typically the last question in the interview. It’s best practice to have several questions prepared to show that you are interesting the position and company. You can ask questions about the job, company, or company culture. This is the last part of the interview which means you should try to make an impression.

Example of how to answer this:

“How do you define success in this role?”

“What is a typical day in the life of a person in my position?”

“What is the first initial project you would need my help with?”

In conclusion, the best thing you can do before an interview is to come prepared. Make sure you practice and know how to answer these questions along with proving that you have done research on the company with your follow up questions.


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