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10 Steps on How to Find a Job

Find a Job

Are you currently looking for a new job opportunity? Finding a new job can be overwhelming knowing where you need to start. Look no further. Here are 10 simple steps on how to find a job quickly.

  1. Update your resume

If you are in the market for a new job opportunity, having an updated and polished resume is critical to successfully finding employment. Check out these tips and tricks to clean up your resume:

  1. Tailor your resume for each position you are applying to

When in the market for a new job opportunity, making sure your resume is tailored to your intended job is important. Showing that you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to complete your job will make employees more inclined to hire you for a job. Tips for tailoring your resume:

  1. Update your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most preferred media platform targeting professionals. This a great tool to build connections with other professionals, fellow alumni, and other job seekers. LinkedIn can also be used as a great research tool for employers and job seekers about company culture. Check out ways to update your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Check out popular job boards and apply

There are a variety of job platforms out there.  We would encourage you to check out our website as well as the other job boards to get your updated resume out there for recruiters and potential employers. Here are the links for both Recruiting Solutions current job boards and some that other employers/staffing agencies may use:

  1. Do some research and apply to jobs on the company website

Most companies post jobs on their own website outside of the popular job board platforms. By applying directly on the company’s website, your resume will populate right into their applicant tracking software. Additionally, Recruiting Solutions is continuously updating our website to provide the most accurate information to job seekers. On a company’s website you can find a plethora of information such as mission, values and services offered. As a staffing firm, our job boards are continuously updated to ensure they are accurate. Check out our available jobs below:

  1. Reach out to your internal network (all friends and family) and let them know what types of positions you are seeking

Networking and connections can help you find a job. This can be by word-of-mouth or social media. Using social media as a tool can beneficial such as announcing you are looking for a job on LinkedIn or Facebook. LinkedIn can be a great tool for professional networking. Learn more about how LinkedIn can benefit your network on our blog:

  1. Make sure to check your email regularly and make sure your voicemail box is not full

Hiring managers and recruiters will reach out to you for potential job opportunities via email or phone call. You do not want to miss these opportunities! Make sure your voicemail box is not full. Also, checking your email and junk box regularly to ensure you are not missing out on potential jobs. Want to stand out to a recruiter? Add an email signature that includes both your phone number(s) and other email address. This gives the recruiter or hiring manager additional ways to get in contact with you. Look at an example of an email signature by Hubspot below.


  1. Attend an in-person job fair

Job fairs are great way to network and learn about new job opportunities. Job fairs allow you to meet multiple companies and compare available jobs around the area. More recently, companies have started doing virtual job fairs as well. Be sure to check out LinkedIn, Eventbrite and Facebook for upcoming job fairs in your area.


  1. Apply with staffing agencies

Staffing Agencies are a great way to learn about all the available job opportunities in your area in one convenient places. Recruiting Solutions has been serving South Carolina for over 30 plus years and continues to grow across the nation. We have industrial, office professional, informational technology, healthcare administrative and other jobs. Whether you want to be in-person or remote, Recruiting Solutions has a job for you. If you are looking for a job, be sure to apply here:

  1. Continue to be on the lookout for opportunities

Opportunities are always arising. Be sure to stay update on your resume, emails, voicemails, and job postings. Recruiting Solutions is always here to help feel free to contact us with any needs.


About Recruiting Solutions

Founded in 1992, Recruiting Solutions is a local staffing and recruitment agency with offices in Greenville, Columbia and Florence, SC. Recruiting Solutions serves more than 150 clients around the United States placing quality talent in executive, office professional, information technology and industrial roles. While recognizing that every company’s operational needs are unique, as is the job search for an individual, Recruiting Solutions builds customized workforce and employment solutions by acting as a strategic partner.

Recruiting Solutions offers a variety of targeted solutions for your workforce needs including, but not limited to contingent/supplemental staffing, executive search/direct placement and recruitment process outsourcing


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